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LED Curedome

Now super-bright blue LEDs are making a difference in the dental laboratory. Proto- tech, an innovator in dental technology, introduces the patented LED CUREDOME. An array of nearly 300 LEDs create a light curing chamber that cures faster and better than any halogen oven. The LEDs never burn out, and the CUREDOME surrounds the dental appliance with an even, intense light that makes turntables obsolete.

Why does dental light curing have to be complicated and expensive? Halogen curing ovens overheat the materials, causing slumping and internal stresses. The bulbs burn out far too often and are expensive to replace. Fluorescent units are not bright enough and plasma units are too expensive.

LED curing is the obvious answer, so the LED CUREDOME was developed to cure crowns and bridges completely. Veneers and varnishes cure quickly and thoroughly with no waste heat. The LED Curedome cures any CQ-based composite or adhesive quickly and completely, at a price that is much lower than other light curing ovens.

Degree of cure measurements show the LED Curedome has more curing power than the Triad oven and cures almost as well as the Demetron halogen handheld unit.


Power: 110/220v AC, 800mW

Dimensions: 5.0 x 10.0 x 7.7” high

Weight: 1 lbs 8 oz with power supply

Chamber size: 4.0” diameter

Peak intensity region: 2.0” diameter

Maximum Intensity (est): 800mW/cm2

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