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Dental Materials Research Instruments

Friction Tester

…accurately measures the frictional force of a variety of material combinations by applying known loads through a roller bearing to a screw-mounted antagonist, while driving the counter-surface horizontal with a precision screw-driven table.

  The tester features a motor-driven platform and a load cell in the horizontal orientation. The specimen holder is also supported by a roller bearing stage for frictionless support. A set of steel weights supplies the vertical load, up to 1000g. The motor direction and speed control are integrated with the data acquisition in a custom interface through software by Measurement Computing to a notebook computer.

A micrometer-driven cross axis allows the repeated testing of a single specimen at different positions on the counter surface. The motor speed control allows speed from 2-500 mm/min. The load cell is sensitive from 0.1 – 100N.

An optional brush-holder attachment enables the machine to perform the toothbrush stiffness test according to ISO 22254 in either the dry or wet state.

Start-up kit

All necessary hand tools

A supply of acrylic specimen rings.

Instruction Manual


Power supply: 500W at 110v.

Space: 50 cm wide by 50 cm deep by 30cm high

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