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Oral Wear Simulator

This is the only machine found to produce realistic measurements of the two major wear mechanisms, abrasion and attrition, on each specimen, according to multiple round-robin studies. A ball-on-plane arrangement transmits a low force during sliding of 20N, followed by a 90N pulse at the end of the pass. The two-phase wear pattern is then measured. Results from numerous studies have found a strong correlation to occlusal-contact and contact-free measurements from in vivo studies. The system has been used by numerous institutes and manufacturers to characterize wear of composites, adhesives, ceramics, amalgams, and natural dentition.


Number of Specimen Chambers: Four

Chamber Type: Acrylic cylinders with O-ring seals

Specimen Dimensions: 25 mm diameter x 4-10 mm height

Counter Specimen Type: 2-9 mm diameter ceramic ball.

Wear Regimen

Description: horizontal translation (9.0mm) with vertical

dual-phase force routine.

Abrasion Phase: 15-40 N vertical load, 7 mm duration

Attrition Phase: 50-90 N vertical load, 2 mm duration

Force Adjustment: solid state power controls

Force Triggering: non-contact eddy current sensors,

through logic circuit and solid state relays.

Speed: 10 to 90 cycles per minute


Motor: ¼ hp Bison permanent magnet motor with solid-state speed control

Solenoids: Dual continuous wound high precision tubular push-only style

Counter: Veeder-Root predetermined shut-off counter with 1,000,000 cycle limit.

Start-up kit

All necessary hand tools including 6 mm allen wrench, 4 mm and 8 mm open-end wrench. A supply of 100 ceramic balls and nylon screws, and 50 acrylic specimen rings. Instruction Manual.


Power supply: 1.2 kW at 110 or 220 v.

Space: 70 cm wide by 30 cm deep by 50 cm high

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