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Thermal Cycler

The Thermal Cycler by Proto-tech features a motorized arm that moves specimens between a heated water bath and a refrigerated water bath. The motor speed is adjustable, and the dwell time and cycle limit are programmable through an LCD screen and a four button interface.

Top quality baths from Polyscience are paired with a stepper motor and driver from Applied Motion, and non-contact limit sensors  and a polymer-coated wire basket to build a trouble-free, reliable device for conditioning all of your specimens.


Specimen Capacity, weight: 3 kg

Specimen Capacity, size: 12cm x 12cm wide x 10 cm tall

Cooling Bath Temp: 2 to 80 ‘C

Heating Bath Temp: ambient to 80 ‘C

Cooling and Heating Bath Volume, 13 L

Transit Speed: adjustable 2 to 20 rpm

Dwell time: adjustable 5 to 300 seconds

Cycle limit: adjustable 1,000 to 1,000,000 cycles


Control hardware: Programmable Logic Controller, serial programming interface.

Actuator: stepper motor-driven arm with 5 to 1 gear reducer to specimen holder through flexible coupler in a bronze bushing.  Limit sensors: two (2) eddy-current probes, non-contact.

Requirements:Power supply: 2.5 kW at 110v or 220v.

Space: 70 cm wide by 50 cm deep by 70cm high

If you prefer to use your own baths or purchase them through your institution, Proto-tech offers the Thermal Cycler stand and motorized arm as an option. The platform is built to accommodate the dimensions of the baths you specify.

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