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Dental Materials Research Instruments
Thermal Cycler

Thermal Cycler supplies consistent specimen conditioning in a streamlined package.

Oral Wear Simulator

Oral Wear Simulator still produces the world’s most realistic results compared to clinical studies.

Fatigue Cycler is still the only multi-independent-station tester that supplies chewing-level loads in a realistic environment.

Toothbrush Wear Simulator

Toothbrush Wear Simulator reliably reproduces wear with six independent brush holders. Now with the new figure-8 motion.

Friction Tester

Friction Tester evaluates an essential materials property in an easy-to-use package.

Shear Bond Strength Tester

Shear Bond Strength Tester is a dedicated instrument for testing adhesive strength.

Polymerization Stress Tester

Polymerization Stress Tester measures stress and shrinkage of restoratives with controlled compliance, the only instrument of its kind.

LED Curedome

LED Curedome cures laboratory specimens and restorations with super bright blue light without heat and expensive bulbs.

Now with intensity display.

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