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Introducing Saybot

A powerful new tool to promote compliance among subjects in clinical studies.

Saybot is a motion-sensitive audio player that is web-enabled to allow on-demand updates of messages.

Install Saybot in a frequently trafficked area so your test subjects can be reminded of study-critical actions they are expected to take.

- Remind patients to take study-related medications.

- Remind patients of study-related appointments.

- Remind subjects to recharge batteries of study devices.

- Remind subjects to comply with dietary or lifestyle demands of the study.

- Survey your subjects through the response button, which sends a message to your email address.

Saybots are easily installed in any subject’s home.

Position them near daily-visited areas like the bathroom sink or laundry room. Every time your subject enters the area, a selection from the library of audio clips you create will be played. Or use the Saybot default library. Saybots update their library at midnight daily from the Proto-tech server, or from a server of your choice.

Use the Bluedot app on your cell phone to control the Saybot’s playback volume.

Saybot uses your client’s wifi for its internet connection.

Saybot uses open-source software and is easily customized by removing its SD-card-based memory and reading it with your computer using the included SD-card USB holder.  Ask about a rechargeable version for stand-alone use.  

Introductory price: $199 each.

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