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Shear Bond Strength Tester

We've reconfigured our usual components, precision solenoid, load cell, roller bearing slide, programmable stamp, keypad, LCD readout, etc, to make an affordable instrument for testing shear bond strength specimen.

Proto-tech's Shear Bond Strength Tester reliably loads specimens up to 400N. The command module has a four-button controller that allows for variable loading rate and adjustable loading limit, and displays the maximum load of each specimen. The specimen holder accommodates 3/4 inch cylindrical specimens. The loading chisel is designed for 2mm diameter stubs, though fixtures for other specimen geometries are available on request. An immersion chamber with recirculating heating water bath is an available option too.

An expansion package with data logging desktop computer is also available.  It has a footprint of 30x60 cm. The power requirement is 500W (1200W with recirculating bath).

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