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Toothbrush Wear Simulator

…produces realistic wear of both the toothbrush and the substrate material in a sturdy, easy-to-use format. A horizontal back and forth motion applied to six loaded brushes, which wear against disk specimens in a flowing slurry bath.

The uniaxial motion is best suited to examining the wear resistance of dental restorative materials mounted as the counter-surface in the six individual specimen clamps.

The brush action takes place within an acrylic chamber which prevent slurry spatter and allows the slurry to be collected and returned to a recirculating pump. The lid on the chamber is raised to allow replacement of the brushes and acrylic counter-surfaces.

A control box, mounted to the platform, houses the speed control and cycle counter, which stops the cycling when a predetermined number of cycles has been reached. The entire instrument is mounted on an 18 x 18” plate for rigidity. It requires a 110v or 220v outlet and runs on 600W of power.

Specimen Dimensions: 1.0 inch diameter x 0.25 to 0.50” height.

Counter Specimen Type: standard rational brush (supplied).

Optional custom brush holders to order

Motion: horizontal translation (25mm)

Vertical load: up to 300g.

Speed: 10 to 90 cycles per minute


Motor: ¼ hp Bison permanent magnet motor with solid-state speed control

Counter: Veeder-Root predetermined shut-off counter with 1,000,000 cycle limit.

Recirculating peristaltic pump for toothpaste slurry

The counter surface is a pattern of 3mm diameter holes, 2mm deep, that provide omni-directional resistance to the bristle motion. As detachable modules they can be easily replaced, as recommended after 1 million cycles.

Optional powered brush holders accommodate handles of up to 1.125” diameter, with control button access.

Advanced model

This version offers a figure-8 motion in the horizontal plane provides even, extensive wear in both lateral directions. The motion equals 1” of forward motion and 0.25” of lateral motion.  The direction of the motion is reversed automatically at user-controlled intervals to insure even wear. Order the Advanced Model for brush wear studies or for more thorough characterization of restorative wear resistance.

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