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Proto-tech Research

Proto-tech Research combines accuracy and reliability with ease of use in a biorealistic environment, and always at an unbeatable price.

Dental Materials Research Instruments

Dental  materials research instruments must simulate the oral environment to prove a material’s ability to withstand service as a dental restorative. Proto-tech engineers focus on this requirement for every design, using only high quality components and specifying durable materials.

Realistic and meaningful results are another essential attribute of dental materials instruments, so Proto-tech designs are based on engineering analysis of the biomechanical conditions and a survey of the published literature and standards of practice.  

As well, experience has shown that ease-of-use is essential in labs where a variety of technicians with varying skill levels are using the equipment. Proto-tech designs are straight-forward, and include detailed instruction manuals, video tutorials for many instruments, and on-call support.

Fatigue Cycler

Thermal Cycler

Oral Wear Simulator


Stress Tester


Proto-tech has been supplying the dental materials research needs for over 25 years. Results from the designs appear in numerous scientific publications from industry leading institutions worldwide. Proto-tech has been awarded research grants by the NIH and has presented at the IADR Dental Research Conferences.

Fatigue Cycler Oral Wear Simulator

Toothbrush Wear Simulator

Shear Bond Strength Tester

LED Curing Oven

New for 2022: Saybot - A new motion-sensitive audio player.

Another ground-breaking development from Proto-tech. Saybot plays audio from your web-based archive whenever someone enters the room. Do you need to remind study subjects of appointments or instructions? Send them home with Saybot. Update your messages online and they will be reminded when it really counts: at home. Control the volume with your cellphone through bluetooth. Find out more here.

Friction Tester

Toothbrush Wear Simulator Thermal Cycler Shear Bond Strength Tester LED Curedome Friction Tester

DO YOU NEED custom fixtures for your next materials test? Let Proto-tech design them and 3-D print them of super tough nylon. The turnaround time is impressive, and the tolerances are great. We can print shapes that used to be impossible with injection modeling techniques thanks to laser sintering. Let us draft them up in Solidworks (licensed user) and print them in white or 6 bright colors. Or if you need something tougher like brass or steel, we can do that too! Call John at (971) 344-3730 for more details.



TEST-fi: the new single axis testing station you control from your Android phone.  Configure Test-fi for shear bond strength, tension testing, flexural strength and more and control and store the data on your Android phone via wi-fi.      TEST-fi…coming soon.

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Polymerization Stress Tester

Proto-tech instruments are featured on the webpage of the biomechanics laboratory of Engr. Abdullah Bugshan Research Chair for Dental and Oral Rehabilitation at King Saud University, Riyadh, K.S.A.

Proto-tech News

R Danso and H Ralph Rawls’ team at UTHSC-SA demonstrated an oxirane polymer system with lower shrinkage stress using the Proto-tech Polymerization Tester, as reported in Dental Materials, Oct 2018.

A growing library of instructional and promo videos can be found on the Proto-tech Youtube Channel.

MR Kaizer et al in Dr Yu Zhang’s lab at NYU examined novel graded glass/zirconia systems using the OHSU Wear Simulator in Dental Materials, Apr, 2019.

Recent reports using Proto-tech instruments