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Dental Materials Research Instruments

Automated Profilometer

An instrument ideally suited to measure the wear depths from the Oral Wear Simulator has a motorized X-Y stage automatically moves the specimen under a diamond-tipped arm with a precision sensor to record depths.

The two precision ball bearing positioning tables driven by stepping motors provide consistent, controllable translation. Their motion is automated to execute a programmed profiling routine. Contact profiling takes place though a diamond-tipped stylus with a 0.1 micron sensitivity.

A stereomicroscope is focused on the plane of the specimen for easy positioning. The transducer is connected to a data acquisition unit which is connected to a PC through a USB connection. It has accompanying software that easily exports to a spreadsheet so that you have everything necessary to make accurate profilometry measurements of a wide variety of surfaces.

Two stepper gearmotor-driven stages,

displacement sensor on adjustable arm,

control box with LCD readout and keypad,

stereomicroscope, data acquisition system and notebook PC.


Power supply: 500W, 110 or 220v.

Space: 70 cm wide by 30 cm deep by 50cm high

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